Solar Renewable Energy

A Seminar on Broad Introduction and Contrast of Solar Energy Topics

Credit: 4 – PDH

Lead Instructor: ProfessorBobby Rauf, PE, CEM, MBA

Course description

This course caters to Engineers, Technicians, Facilities Managers, Energy Professionals, Architects and others who are interested in enhancing their understanding of solar renewable energy, and would like to learn about methods, best practices and strategies for selection of the most suitable solar renewable energy alternative, with technical, geographic and financial feasibility in mind. The course highlights the four-pillar approach or perspective on formulation of a business entity’s energy vision and how solar and non-solar renewable energy options fit within. Participants are primed by introduction to a few important fundamentals of energy, energy facts, and the “grid” to set the tone for better comparison of current source of energy with optimal renewable energy alternative, solar or non-solar. Importance of the concept of most direct application of solar or non-solar renewable source to the final energy demand point is highlighted. After the introduction, this seminar dives into some of the more proven and mainstream solar renewable energy topics. Current footprint and specific applications of major solar renewable energy systems are examined. Key differences between solar heat and solar PV systems are highlighted. Since renewable energy storage is gaining increased importance – as companion investment to actual solar investments – various proven energy storage technologies are explored, including batteries, flywheels, and electrolysis systems. Hybrid, Off-Grid, solar and wind renewable energy systems are discussed. Utilization of solar light in day lighting applications is covered. Combined use of day lighting, energy conservation and PV in Zero Energy Buildings is explained, aided by real life examples. Use of solar heat in building heating and cooling processes is highlighted. Futuristic, space-based, solar PV array type solar energy harnessing systems are presented and explained through illustration. Participants are apprised of major solar energy installations currently in operation and some that are work-in-process, in the US and abroad. The discussion on the topic of solar renewable energy is sustained by diagrams, schematics and pictures pertaining to major renewable energy systems.

Learning Objectives – Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:


  1. Four faceted superordinate energy management perspective
  2. Energy Facts
  3. Energy Basics
  4. Electrical Power Basics
  5. Load Factor & Capacity Factor in the Solar Energy Realm
  6. Comparison of solar energy versus other renewable and non-renewable energy technologies:
  1. Cost comparison of solar versus other renewable technologies
    1. The history, importance and benefits of most direct application of renewable technologies to the point of use
    1. Solar renewable energy storage systems
    1. Capacity factor-based comparison of solar versus other renewable and non-renewable energy sources
  1.  Solar Heat – Renewable Electrical Power Generation Technologies:
    1. Solar CSP Systems
    1. Solar Power Towers
    1. Solar Trough
    1. Solar CSP, Power Tower and Solar Trough Challenges
    1. Solar Chimney Technology
    1. Solar “Neo-Base-Load” technology with energy storage capability
  1.  Off-grid Solar – Wind Hybrid Technology
  1.  Photovoltaic Renewable Energy
  1. Introduction to Solar PV Technology
    1. Differences between different types of PV technology, their pros and cons
    1. Application of Solar PV in Zero Energy Buildings
    1. Residential application of Solar PV systems and devices
    1. Examples of PV in aviation, transportation and other commercial applications
    1. Solar Floating Farms
    1. PV Systems and Energy Storage
  1.  Major Solar Energy Projects – US and International
  2.  Financial justification and implementation of energy projects
  3.  Solar and other renewable energy information sources

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